Attention all Parish Leaders and First Communion moms & dads!

If your parish encourages children to make a banner for First Communion, look no further than De Sales Catholic Bookstore!  We have great kits available for only $12.00!  Kits include all the materials you need to make your banners great, including felt backing, stencils, and extra pieces of vibrantly-colored felt for the cutouts!  The kit even comes with letter stencils, to help your child put on an inspirational message or a name.  The only pieces not included in this kit are the dowel rod and hanging string.

Last year, we sold out three times on this kit!  Don’t let this happen to you.  Order early and reserve kits for your family or your parish.  We have plenty in stock for now, and can still get shipments in for quantity orders!  Make it easy on yourself this year.  Save time and energy driving around town looking for all the pieces and stencils to put together your First Communion banner.  Shop De Sales Catholic Bookstore!


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  1. i am planning a confirmation retreat. i thought i would have the group make banners on what confirmation means to them. how big are these banners? would this also be appropriate for making banners dealing with the coming of the holy spirit?

  2. Mary, this is a GREAT question!

    Confirmation banners, like their Firs Communion counterparts, can provide young Catholic Christians with a fantastic small and simple resource to provide instant memories of this special day! The banners for First Communion are packed with a 12 x 16 background. There is also an individual Confirmation banner kit available for special orders. These kits will include 4 colors of self-adhesive felt, as well as a background piece, and patterns fitting to the Sacrament of Confirmation.

    Like our First Communion banner kits, they will run about $12 each. That’s a great option! Again, all you’ll need is the dowel rod to hang them. If you are interested, there is also a parish banner kit for Confirmation available for order, which is set at 36″ x 46″.

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