Fair Trade

DeSales is proud to offer Fair Trade Certified goods to the Springfield, MO area.

The products come from around the world and are different in that the people who make the product are paid a living wage for the product at the time it is purchased from them. The goal of Fair Trade is to allow artisans to be paid a fair wage for their day’s work.

  • Handmade & Unique

  • Clothing

  • Jewelry

  • Handbags

  • Coffee & Chocolate

  • Decor & Gifts

Our venture into fair trade started in 2017 when Global Crafts of the Ozarks (formerly on East Republic Road) closed. We decided to help carry on the ministry by housing it within DeSales.

Many times, these and similar products are purchased through a middle man that buys them as cheaply as possible and then adds fees and will raise the price for his own profit. Fair Trade Certified products come through a different channel and the person who made the product that you fall in love with was paid fairly for the item. Many times, these items are up-cycled from things that have been discarded. Sari fabric pouches, pop-top purses, and gum wrapper bracelets … the list goes on. Come by often to browse the growing selection of unique and handmade Fair Trade goods.